patrizia larotonda

Patrizia as well as being a special soul is undoubtedly an extraordinary yoga teacher and reference for the French canton in Switzerland.

We have been working and growing together for years now. We started years ago to create the brand strategy, the visual identity and the web page. We also recently made a video (see below), which made us realize how important it is to get to know each other well in order to capture the magic that each of us can offer on this planet. Thanks Patrizia for being as you are, see you soon!

Fabio's work is amazing, he is very efficient, always on time and ready to answer all questions, solve any problems in a short period of time.

The way he has guided me to develop my visual identity and website was so helpful to me. He has a clear vision and he did connect to my need's and personality. I am so happy of the result.

Creating the video together was also an incredible and unforgettable experience. From writing the script and choosing the location to leaving early in the morning to go up into the mountains at the perfect moment of light, made me realise how much passion creativity and dedication Fabio puts into the project.

The combination of Fabio being a yogi, photographer video maker and web designer is the best you can find.
Infinite gratitude Fabio for everything


patrizia larotonda